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Steak and Veggie Kabob


You know what I usually love about this time of year? Grilling. You know what we haven’t been able to do a ton of? Grilling. On the days it’s nice, you can bet that we will be out there making something on the grill. Lately though, it’s been unseasonably cooler, which wouldn’t be a problem, I’m from New England after all, but it’s been rainy. But, on one of the warmer days I was able to test out this recipe. The homemade marinade was so good. We happened to use steak for this version, but you could use anything, even just veggies. The marinade is so simple. You probably have everything you need already on hand. I literally just combine everything in a mason jar and shake it up to combine. Pour over the kabob and let it sit overnight, and you have got yourself a tasty lunch or dinner. It’s always a delicate balance to make sure you don’t under or overcook the veggies that you are using. Keeping cuts consistent, is key. And get creative with the combination. I personally love the grilled flavor of vegetables and pretty much anything.



  1. To make the marinade, combine the marinade ingredients in a mason jar and shake it up.
  2. For the kabobs, soak wooden skewers in water for about 20 minutes. Assemble the kabob by alternating vegetables and meat. Pour marinade over the kabobs and let them sit overnight.
  3. To cook, place on a hot grill and grill up to preferred doneness.


Bacon Balsamic Burger

Do you have a case of the Monday’s? You’re not alone. I’m feeling it today too. It’s always hard to get back to work after a great weekend. I was absolutely exhausted, but it was so SO nice to spend time with my family and do a lot of nothing. We played outside a lot so it was nice to just be in the sun and fresh air. Kicking off the weekend with Cinco de May doesn’t hurt either. Having nice weather was certainly the icing on the cake. It also makes me want to be outside grilling more. I should be honest here. It makes me want to have my husband grilling more, because he is the grill master. I can barely turn the thing on! If you are into grilling like we are, you are going to love these burgers. I adapted this recipe a bit, but it’s delicious both ways. I love bacon, so the bacon relish was a no brainer, only this time, I made the bacon and added some balsamic toward the end, and incorporated onion rings. Because weekend. If you even needed a reason at all. I also threw on gorgonzola because I love it and it tastes amazing on this burger. But, if you want something a bit milder, cheddar, gouda, swiss would all be great options. Even herbed goat cheese…. I need to make these again with goat cheese.



For the burgers

For the bacon

For the Mayo

Additional Toppings


  1. To make the burgers, season with salt, pepper, and a few dashes of worcestershire sauce. Place on a heated grill and cook to your liking. Toward the end, sprinkle each with a bit of the cheese and let it get melty/crispy on the grill.
  2. Meanwhile, make the bacon. Place bacon strips in a heated skillet and cook until mostly cooked through. Cut the bacon into pieces and drizzle with vinegar. Continue to cook until the vinegar is mostly reduced. remove bacon from the pan with a slotted spoon and place on a plate. Set aside.
  3. To make the mayo, combine mayo and a few dashes of garlic powder.
  4. To assemble the burger, spread garlic mayo on toasted roll. layer on the burger, a bit of bacon, and onion rings. Top with remaining roll half. Enjoy!


Recipe adapted from Annie’s Eats.