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Earth Day Inspiration and Coffee Talk Reflection

It’s Earth Day, the perfect time to reflect on our habits and make some positive changes to help the environment. I first want to reflect on our weekend. Last weekend I skipped the usual Sunday Coffee Talk post to spend time with family. We had a wonderful Holiday, and way too many yummy treats (though I am not complaining in the least). It was great. We started the weekend with the last Hockey game of the season (well second to last). They won, it was exciting and my son is still obsessed with hockey. We also kept to tradition and visited a bakery on Friday morning. We always grab the babka, and various breads and or course donuts! We walked around the mall, participated in our town’s egg hunt (watch their video here you can spot us in the video!). We even enjoyed a mall pretzel, one of Anthony’s favorite treats. I spent all of Saturday night helping the Easter Bunny get prepped for Sunday. So. Much. Fun. Now with the Holiday well behind us, we are able to slow down a bit and enjoy some much needed time outside. This week I’m going to share an easy homemade rice pilaf recipe, some homemade soft pretzels for toddler snacking, Anthony’s all time favorite smoothie and some chocolate swirl buns that are to die for.


Now onto some Earth Day inspiration. This day always inspires me to make some positive changes. Always, the first is to reduce waste. One of the things I would love to get this year is a compost bin. Compost is such an important part of a healthy garden and a great way to use some of the items that we would otherwise toss. We have had a vegetable garden the last couple years and we love it. It’s something fun to do with my son and I love going to check on it every morning. I also want to get a couple of fruit trees and plant some new greenery in our back yard. Food waste is always a big issue in our house and I think a lot of other homes. I want to focus more on purchase what we actually need and less hoarding of snacks. It’s always a challenge with a young one because he is such a picky eater that we tend to have more than our need of snacks, but we’re working on it. Also purchasing more fair trade items. Fashionable is an awesome site for accessories and things that are all Fair Trade. I’ve linked to an AMAZING tote that I purchased a couple years ago. I absolutely love love love it.


Some Earth Day things I’m loving:

I recently watched Food Inc and I would highly recommend it.
I purchased reusable sandwich/snack bags and absolutely love them. You can find a wide variety here!
We all have reusable water bottles that we love.
This Netflix series! A blast from the past with benefits.
Organic reusable napkins
Reusable grocery bags – with style!
Wool dryer balls – amazing! Anthony is really sensitive, so these were a great investment!


Sunday Coffee Talk


Happy Sunday! I hope it’s as beautiful where you are today as it is here. It’s sunny and it’s going to be warm. After my week at the office last week, I am happy to have a weekend where we can get outside and enjoy the weather and forget the past. We kicked our weekend off with some chocolate chocolate chip waffles, (thanks Alton Brown!). Today calls for pancakes which are being prepped as I type. Actually we’re waiting for the griddle to heat and I’m dreaming of the avocado toast I will be eating once everyone is set. Since my stomach is growling, I’ll get right to it. This week is I am going to share some great side dishes, another awesome grilled cheese recipe, to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Day of course, and an awesome milkshake featuring some local ice cream (I’m drooling as I think about it!).

Sunday Coffee Talk


Happy Sunday fellow dessert lovers. This weekend has been full of fun and sickness and disinfecting said sickness (well that part is coming). We kicked the weekend off with a hockey Game on Friday. My niece had an opportunity to sing the National Anthem, opening for our local team, the Thunderbirds. Bonus… Anthony is absolutely in love with hockey (and his cousin Sadie) and always enjoys the game. The downside… it was icy and cold and he was coming down with a cold. So, Saturday was rough. Despite my best efforts to get him to rest he still insisted on helping me with some recipe prep. Although he kept reminding me Daniel Tiger says rest is best when you’re sick, he would not follow that advice. Honestly, if I had half his energy when I was feeling well, that he has when he’s sick, I’d be golden. This could also be due to the increased amount of Popsicles, aka frozen sugar water, he’s had. I do have to say Saturday was very productive with a lot of recipe prep, things to come in the next week and couple of months. This blog is still so new and I have so many fun ideas, I’m trying to reign it in a bit and get organized, but much more to come here in the future! For now, I’ll be spending a good part of my Sunday disinfecting pretty much every surface in this house. I’m trying to avoid this cold, but given the amount of times I’ve been coughed on, sneezed on, and used as a human tissue, I feel like it’s inevitable.  I’ll be stocking up on some super immune booster foods when I head to the store. I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our weekend. This week, on the blog, I’m featuring some main meal recipes. Although I LOVE anything to do with dessert and sugar (and there will certainly be some of that here too), I have to balance it out. Happy rest of the weekend to you!

Sunday Coffee Talk

This weekend was full of so many fun things. I honestly cannot believe that is’ already Sunday. I also can’t believe I’m sitting here super excited about going to Costco. How’s that for adulting? I’m also really excited about the posts this week. I have some Spring/Easter themed recipes to share and an absolutely delicious and lighter baked ziti. Since the weather is still a bit chilly here, I thought the baked ziti was absolutely justified. Also, who doesn’t love a good comfort food classic. So back to this weekend, since there is still time left before I have to head back to work. We went to Disney on Ice yesterday and it was so much fun. Anthony has not stopped talking about it and also can’t wait to go visit Mickey at his house. He is particularly fascinated with Ursula, who he’s renamed Gruzilla… I don’t even have the heart to correct it, it’s too cute.  Anyway, I currently have a toddler standing next to me dancing in his mismatched pajamas talking like a Minion, so I suppose that’s my cue to get going. Enjoy your Sunday!

Thirsty Thurs-yay!


This week I wanted to share some of the best local wine I’ve found. What I love about New England and in particular Massachusetts, is the passion to support local businesses. There is an abundance of independent businesses and we try to support as many as we can. I had the pleasure of visiting the Nashoba Valley Winery for my dear friend Emily’s pre-Wedding festivities. It’s located in scenic Bolton, MA. We visited the winery back in October while the foliage was just breathtaking. But honestly, I think it would be beautiful during any season. The wines that are produced there are a bit different as they focus on non-grape wines that are made with local fruit. They do offer some traditional wines made with local New England grapes as well. The list of wine they offer is great and they are all delicious. My favorite, pictured above, was the Cranberry Apple (off dry and semi-sweet) and absolutely delicious. We served this over Thanksgiving and it was a hit!

We had so much fun during the wine tasting. The samples were generous and they were really helpful suggesting various wines based off what we liked. We enjoyed lunch at J’s restaurant. The menu is largely based on seasonal/local produce. It’s a great farm to table experience. I would encourage anyone looking for a nice spot to sample some great wine and enjoy a great meal with very scenic views to check out Nashoba Valley Winery. You will not be disappointed!


Note this post was not sponsored and all opinions expressed here are my own. I love supporting local business and sharing some of the great spots I’ve found in New England.