Sunday Coffee Talk

This weekend was full of so many fun things. I honestly cannot believe that is’ already Sunday. I also can’t believe I’m sitting here super excited about going to Costco. How’s that for adulting? I’m also really excited about the posts this week. I have some Spring/Easter themed recipes to share and an absolutely delicious and lighter baked ziti. Since the weather is still a bit chilly here, I thought the baked ziti was absolutely justified. Also, who doesn’t love a good comfort food classic. So back to this weekend, since there is still time left before I have to head back to work. We went to Disney on Ice yesterday and it was so much fun. Anthony has not stopped talking about it and also can’t wait to go visit Mickey at his house. He is particularly fascinated with Ursula, who he’s renamed Gruzilla… I don’t even have the heart to correct it, it’s too cute. Β Anyway, I currently have a toddler standing next to me dancing in his mismatched pajamas talking like a Minion, so I suppose that’s my cue to get going. Enjoy your Sunday!

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