Easy Homemade Irish Cream


A short time ago, a friend, colleague, and fellow Smitten Kitchen lover asked me if I had seen the recipe for Irish Cream. My first thought was “What the heck….no I didn’t”. My second thought was “I want”, so I made. Sure, it’s super easy to head to the store and pick up a bottle already made, but why would you do that now that you have been gifted this easy homemade version. You wouldn’t. It’s incredible. It’s perfect. And it’s these things not only because it’s homemade, but you get to control the recipe. I made this as is and it’s great, but if you want to lessen the alcohol, add less. If you want it sweeter, add more. If you want to add spices, or a hint of coffee……DO IT! I had this over ice (pictured here) and it was the perfect late afternoon drink. My own personal Happy Hour. Me, my back yard, a summer breeze and you’re thinking and Irish Cream?….yup! It’s also inspired me to turn it into a boozy dessert *recipe coming soon!* My sister and I were dreaming up ways to make it more delicious. So check back for more ideas using this homemade deliciousness. But back to the process. Easy. Mix the stuff together. That’s it! Literally mix and you are ready to go.



  1. In the bottom of a pitcher (or in a separate bowl, likely way easier to start) whisk the cocoa powder and a spoonful of heavy cream into a paste. Continue adding splashes of cream while whisking until you have a smooth paste and can easily add the remaining cream in bigger splashes. Once all of the cream has been incorporated, add in the vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, and whisky. Keep refrigerated. Can last for about 2 weeks to one month.


Recipe from Smitten Kitchen.

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